List of Research and Project Students

12 Ph.D.

4. M.Eng

4 Ph.D.

2. M.Eng

Graduates Testimonials

"Working in Dr. Bruce’s lab provided me with a solid foundation in many aspects of my research, it was a great experience and preparation for my career development. He also provided me with opportunities to visit other European universities and also collaborate with other renown professors. Dr. Bruce has been a great mentor to me and provided me with great advice, both professional and personal. "- Dr. Igbafe Orikumhi, Pro Chancellor Award Winner 2017, Postdoc Fellow at the 5G/Unmanned Vehicle Research Center (ITRC) Hanyang University

"I had a great experience with Dr Bruce as my Co-supervisor. Through his feedback, positive criticism, hard work we published a Q1 journal, first of its kind in WCC and went on to get an award with it. Dr Bruce is a diligent and excellent supervisor" - Dr. O. Elijah, Graduated in Aug 2018.

"I can say without reservation that Dr. Bruce was an excellent supervisor! Every meeting with him provided useful insights into themes I hadn’t previously considered. Besides being readily available for discussions, Dr Bruce really engaged with my writing, enabling me publish my findings and write up the thesis within the apportioned time. Working with Dr Bruce has taught me how to help my students succeed at their research."-Dr. Akaa Agbaeze Eteng, Lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

"Dr. Bruce has an impressive depth of knowledge of his subject matter. I used to look forward to having discussions with him as he used to encouragingly challenge my arguments and often guided me to explore propositions that I hadn't previously thought of. I have sought him many times even after my graduation, seeking career and technical advice in the recent years, and he has always gone above and beyond to assist me. I can unreservedly say that his supervision played an important part in molding my career." - Dr. Suhanya Jayaprakasam, Senior Software Engineer (DSP), Motorola Solutions

"Dr. Bruce Leow was my MSc and PhD supervisor. He's also a mentor who changed my life. He always create opportunistic and provide resource for his students to collaborate with distinguished research institutions and professors. During the five years of my postgraduate study, he has provided me invaluable guidance and support for my research. His excellent guidance enables me to complete my MSc and PhD in time, and accomplish six journals (4 Q1, 1 Q2, and 1 Scopus index), five conference proceedings, four copyright, and one patent.”- Dr. Liau Qian Yu, Chancellor Award Winner 2019, Senior Engineer, Micron Technology.

"I feel very grateful for having Dr. Bruce as my supervisor in my MSc study. He was so patient with me. I greatly appreciated that when teaching/supervising me he took the time to break things down to a level that I could understand and then build upon. I appreciate everything and will remember my time here fondly."-Mr. Kelvin Ho Chun Yeen, Founder and CEO of Enewground Electronic Enterprise

"I am able to say unreservedly that Dr. Bruce was an outstanding supervisor. He clearly had an impressive degree of knowledge of all the details of the subject being discussed through our meetings. During my Ph.D journey Dr. Bruce promoted my understanding of the research subject and played a vital role in accomplishing the research objectives in both effective and timely manner. Furthermore, his contributions helped me to publish several papers in high impact journals and starting my career smoothly. " Dr. Yamen Alsaba Postdoc Fellow at Institut de Recherche Technique (IRT) Railenium, France.