SKET 3583 Digital Communication System (Sem 1 2014/2015)

Post date: Dec 17, 2014 8:53:27 AM


This course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in digital communication system. Main topics to be covered are baseband pulse transmission, signal space analysis, digital modulation/demodulation, channel coding, source coding, detection methods and evaluation in AWGN channel. Brief discussion on error control coding is also included. Finally, the system trade-off in designing a digital communication system is explored.

A total of 45 students from 4SKET and 4SKEL have successfully completed the course. During the course, the students are also exposed to modern digital communication system such as Long Term Evolution. The students conducted a study on the topic of adaptive modulation and coding scheme in 4G LTE system to find out the system tradeoffs in LTE system. Students also visited the state-of-the-art LTE laboratory in Wireless Communication Centre on 16th Dec to watch the live demos of real time LTE downlink throughput transmission at various configurations. Below are the group photos taken during the last lecture on 17th Dec 2014.